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Gastronomy: a world of flavors

What is not lacking in the region is an incredible variety of flavors. Enjoy the diverse cuisine featuring renowned chefs in restaurants ranging from rustic to sophisticated. Gastronomic festivals are attractions in their own right, with great options to enjoy throughout the year.

GBK Burger Dom Pedro Shopping

Armazém Cambuí

Bellini Ristorante

Forneiro Churrasco & Pizza

Jangada Restaurante

Obeijú Restaurante

Original Cheesecake

Outback Steakhouse Shopping Iguatemi

Raizes Zen Cambuí

Adega Cave do Douro

Bar Candreva

Bronco Burger

Esquinica Natural

GBK Burger Prado Boulevard Shopping

Kaizen Japanese Food

Opera Morena

Outback Steakhouse Galleria Shopping

Pallure Gelateria

Raizes Zen Cambuí

Sulina Parrilla e Restaurante

Vitorino Restaurante

Amati Restaurante

Estação Marupiara Restaurante

Galeria 1212

Maria Azeittona

Orbit Gastropub

Outback Steakhouse Parque D. Pedro

Prime Italian

Vick Restaurante

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